Honkai Star Rail Wuthering Waves Combat System Guide

June 11, 2023

Combat In Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves’ combat system can be characterized by three key aspects: “Fast Pace Action”, “Visually Appealing Combat Representation”, and “Strategy Oriented Team Building”. As a player engaging with the Crownless, you will have already experienced the first two aspects of this combat style. The fast-paced action and visually stunning combat animations will immerse you in the battle and force you to quickly learn offensive and evasive techniques. The tension of the battle builds as blade and lance clash, adding to the excitement of the experience. After defeating the Crownless, you will have gained a basic understanding of Wuthering Waves’ combat system, including the importance of strategy in team building.

Combat Movesets

In combat, your movesets can be categorized into six main types, which are:

1. Normal Attack

2. Evasion

3. Resonance Skill

4. Resonance Liberation

5. Resonance Circuit

6. Parry

1. Normal Attack

Every Resonator has their own set of Normal Attacks, which not only is the most commonly used means of offense, but also leads to a variety of fighting styles.

Each character in the game has a unique set of Normal Attacks that not only serve as their primary means of offense but also contribute to their individual fighting styles. For instance, take An’ke as an example. Her Normal Attack progresses through four stages, and when it reaches the fourth stage, an “Emotion Particle” appears around her. If the player quickly performs a follow-up Normal Attack within the Particle’s duration, it will trigger an extra attack in the form of an enlarged Wooly. Timing the attack button correctly to enhance Normal Attacks adds a sense of rhythm and enjoyment to the overall combat experience. This also highlights how An’ke’s fighting style is rather orderly and paced, which contrasts with her combat style during a state of frenzy. Overall, the unique Normal Attacks of each character provide players with a wide range of fighting styles to explore and master.

Performing a Heavy Attack in the game is achieved by holding down the Normal Attack button, which typically consumes a certain amount of Stamina. However, for Pistol-wielding characters, executing a Heavy Attack causes them to enter Aim Mode, where they are able to unleash a more powerful single shot. The Heavy Attack not only deals significantly more damage than a Normal Attack but also plays a crucial role for some characters during combat.

For example, when Taoqi performs a Heavy Attack, she enters the state of “Xuanwu’s Defense,” where she shifts her focus towards defense to reduce the amount of incoming damage by consuming Stamina. Once she has received enough damage, she retaliates with a powerful counterblow that also heals her team members. The Heavy Attack is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance a player’s combat effectiveness, enabling them to take on even the toughest foes with increased confidence.

On the other hand, Sanhua has a unique ability when performing a Heavy Attack. She can detonate “Wall of Ice Picks,” “Ice Prisms,” and “Glaciers” along the strike path of her attack. When coupled with the perfect timing of a Resonance Skill, this ability can deal a serious blow to enemies in an instant. Sanhua’s Heavy Attack is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can turn the tide of battle and help players overcome even the most challenging foes.

Every character in the game has the capability to execute attacks while midair. However, the methods of performing these attacks vary depending on the character’s weapon type or their unique abilities.

For example, after Jiyan performs his Resonance Skill, he gains the ability to change his attack style while in midair for a limited time. This allows him to perform powerful aerial attacks and maneuver around his enemies with greater agility. The ability to perform midair attacks is an important aspect of combat in the game, as it provides players with increased mobility and the ability to surprise their enemies with devastating attacks from above.

As for Chixia and many other Pistol-wielding Resonators, they will lay down continuous fire while in the air until Stamina is depleted.

Some Characters can even perform midair Heavy Attacks.

2. Evasion

In the game, players can perform a rapid Evasion by consuming a certain amount of Stamina and directing their character towards a specific direction. If no directional command is given, the character will automatically perform a backward Evasion.

The Evasion maneuver has a high priority and can interrupt a majority of actions mid-performance, allowing players to evade an enemy’s attack right before contact. By doing so, they can trigger an evasive counterattack and create more offensive opportunities for themselves. The ability to perform a quick Evasion is an important aspect of combat in the game, and mastering this technique can greatly enhance a player’s effectiveness in battle.

3. Resonance Skill

In the game, each character has their own unique Resonance Skill, which plays a crucial role in combat. However, it is often closely tied with the character’s Resonance Circuit and Resonance Liberation. Most characters require some time to recover after using their Resonance Skill, making it essential for players to master its timing.

However, there are occasional exceptions to this rule. For instance, Danjin’s Resonance Skill, “Vermilion Shards,” consumes a certain amount of her HP each time it is used. However, unlike most Resonance Skills, it requires no recovery time. The “Vermilion Shards” arts are combined with her Normal Attack, continuously dealing damage to her enemies while recharging her “Scarlet Essence.” Once her “Scarlet Essence” is fully charged, Danjin can unleash even deadlier combos of attacks and regenerate her HP. Mastering the timing and usage of each character’s unique Resonance Skill is critical to achieving success in combat in the game.

Danjin’s combat style in the game revolves around the cycle of consuming and regenerating HP. This unique approach allows her to deal massive amounts of damage to her enemies while constantly pushing herself to the edge of danger.

4. Resonance Liberation

In the game, Resonance Energy can be accumulated by striking a target with the Resonance Skill or triggering a Concerto Effect. Once the Resonance Energy reaches its peak, players can unleash a more powerful Resonance Liberation, which is generally considered to be the most potent ability of a character. Activating this ability can often turn the tide in battles as it deals immense amounts of damage to enemies and enhances the capabilities of the caster or the entire team within a limited time frame.

For example, after Jiyan casts “Sky Roaming – Certitude,” he enters his “Triumphant Status,” where his Claymore becomes a lance guiding the Qingloong’s path, clearing any threat that poses to Huanglong. This powerful Resonance Liberation unleashes a barrage of devastating attacks on Jiyan’s enemies, allowing him to take on even the toughest foes with increased confidence. Mastering the timing and usage of Resonance Energy and Resonance Liberation is critical to achieving success in combat in the game.

In the game, Jueyuan has a powerful Resonance Liberation that stimulates the growth of vegetation around her. This ability deals damage to enemies and marks them with the “Photosynthesis Sigil.” When team members deal damage to enemies marked with the “Photosynthesis Sigil,” they receive healing and collaborative attacks from Jueyuan.

Jueyuan is a unique Character who possesses both offensive and healing abilities. Her Resonance Liberation allows her to deal damage to enemies while also providing support to her team members. By utilizing her Resonance Skill and Resonance Liberation in strategic ways, Jueyuan can greatly enhance the effectiveness of her team in combat.

5. Resonance Circuit

In the game, each character possesses a unique form of energy known as the Resonance Circuit, which determines their main style of combat. This energy is integral to the functioning of a character’s Normal Attack, Resonance Skill, and Resonance Liberation.

Understanding the application of a character’s Resonance Circuit during combat is crucial to mastering their combat style. For instance, Rover’s combat style revolves around the collection of “Sound Fragments” through constant strikes and evasions. These “Sound Fragments” are then consumed with the use of his Resonance Skill, resulting in further damage to enemies and restoration of Resonance Energy, preparing for the next Resonance Liberation.

Rover’s Resonance Circuit forms a complete combat cycle consisting of offense, evasion, and skills. By mastering the mechanics of his Resonance Circuit, players can effectively utilize Rover’s unique combat style to deal devastating blows to their enemies and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

In the game, each Character has their own unique mechanic that offers players a rich combat experience and a feeling of control over their character’s abilities.

6. Parry

In the game, certain enemy skills present a Parry opportunity for players. If executed successfully, a Parry can disrupt the enemy’s attack entirely and yield surprising results.

Concerto Between Characters

1. Concerto Effect

In the game, Concerto Energy can be accumulated through dealing direct damage and using Echo Skills. Switching to another character with fully charged Concerto Energy triggers the Concerto Effect of the corresponding Resonance Attribute, but it also depletes your Concerto Energy.

There are five types of Concerto Effects, each with their own unique benefits: Unison, Ensemble, Sustenance, Legato, and Duet. These effects provide substantial support for characters during combat, making team composition and strategy crucial to success.

For instance, Jiyan (Aero) partnered with Mortefi (Fusion) during combat sets off the “Heat Ensemble” effect, which awards the character on the field with increased Attack and Critical Damage, suiting perfectly with Jiyan’s fighting style.

When Mortefi unleashes their Resonance Liberation, all members of the team are applied with “Vulcan Rhapsody,” a status that launches blazing “Fusion Damage” towards enemies with each character’s Normal or Heavy Attack.

The deadly combination of “Heat Ensemble,” “Vulcan Rhapsody,” and Jiyan’s “Triumphant Status” leaves nothing but destruction for the enemies in its wake. This highlights the importance of careful team composition and strategy in the game, putting players’ skills and knowledge to the test.

While the combination of Jiyan and Mortefi’s Concerto Effects is just one example of effective team composition, the game offers a diverse collection of Characters and Concerto Effects that can enrich your combat experience.

2. Concerto Skill (QTE)

In the game, players can switch Character at the moment when Concerto Energy is maxed to carry out the Concerto Skill of the selected Resonator. Each Resonator boasts a unique Concerto Skill that can appear on the battlefield in varying ways and locations.


In a world ridden with adversity, each character relies on their unique Resonance Circuit and their team’s Concerto Effect to resist the unending enemies. Players can accumulate Concerto Energy through attacks, skills, Echo Abilities, and other means, leading to the triggering of Concerto Effects that enhance the performance of the character on the field.

Once enough Concerto Energy has been accumulated, players can spend Resonance Energy to cast a powerful Resonance Liberation, dealing a final blow to the enemy.

However, combat in the game is much more complex than this, and players will come across numerous characters throughout their journey, each with their own unique combat features and strategies to uncover.

By mastering the mechanics of each character and understanding the intricacies of Concerto Energy and Resonance Liberation, players can develop their own playstyle and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

In summary, combat in the game is a complex and engaging experience that requires players to master the unique mechanics of each character and Concerto Effect. With a diverse range of characters and combat features to uncover, players can enjoy a rich and rewarding gameplay experience.

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