Wuthering Waves Weapons

Update log: Updated weapons information regarding the most update version 1.0.21.


Wuthering Waves tags its weapons in terms of the following categories: Sword, Broadblade, Pistols, Gauntlets, Rectifier.

Weapon name
Weapons Stats
Weapon NameWeapon TypeFirst property 90lvSecond property 90lv
Lustrous RazorBroadblade588 ATK36.45% ATK
Emerald of GenesisSword588 ATK24.30% CRIT Rate
Static MistPistols588 ATK24.30% CRIT Rate
Abyss SurgesGauntlets588 ATK36.45% ATK
Cosmic RipplesRectifier500 ATK54.00% ATK
DiscordBroadblade338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
Scale: SlasherSword338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
CadenzaPistols338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
MarcatoGauntlets338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
VariationRectifier338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
Broadblade of NightBroadblade325 ATK24.30% ATK
Sword of NightSword325 ATK24.30% ATK
Pistols of NightPistols325 ATK24.30% ATK
Gauntlets of NightGauntlets325 ATK24.30% ATK
Rectifier of NightRectifier325 ATK24.30% ATK
Tyro BroadbladeBroadblade275 ATK14.85% ATK
Tyro SwordSword275 ATK14.85% ATK
Tyro PistolsPistols275 ATK14.85% ATK
Tyro GauntletsGauntlets275 ATK14.85% ATK
Tyro RectifierRectifier275 ATK14.85% ATK
Training BroadbladeBroadblade250 ATK11.48% ATK
Training SwordSword250 ATK11.48% ATK
Training PistolsPistols250 ATK11.48% ATK
Training GauntletsGauntlets250 ATK11.48% ATK
Training RectifierRectifier250 ATK11.48% ATK
Originite: Type IBroadblade300 ATK38.48% DEF
Originite: Type IISword325 ATK24.30% ATK
Originite: Type VRectifier300 ATK30.38% HP
Broadblade#41Broadblade413 ATK32.40% Energy Regen
Sword#18Sword388 ATK36.45% ATK
Rectifier#25Rectifier338 ATK51.84% Energy Regen
Dauntless EvernightBroadblade338 ATK61.56% DEF
Commando of ConvictionSword413 ATK30.38% ATK
Undying FlamePistols413 ATK30.38% ATK
Amity AccordGauntlets338 ATK61.56% DEF
Jinzhou KeeperRectifier388 ATK36.45% ATK
Broadblade of VoyagerBroadblade300 ATK32.40% Energy Regen
Sword of VoyagerSword300 ATK32.40% Energy Regen
Rectifier of VoyagerRectifier300 ATK32.40% Energy Regen
Guardian BroadbladeBroadblade325 ATK24.30% ATK
Guardian SwordSword300 ATK30.38% HP
Guardian PistolsPistols300 ATK30.38% ATK
Guardian GauntletsGauntlets300 ATK38.48% DEF
Guardian RectifierRectifier325 ATK24.30% ATK
Helios CleaverBroadblade413 ATK30.38% ATK
Lunar CutterSword413 ATK30.38% ATK
NovaburstPistols413 ATK30.38% ATK
Comet FlareRectifier413 ATK30.38% HP
Originite: Type IIIPistols325 ATK24.30% ATK
Originite: Type IVGauntlets300 ATK40.50% CRIT DMG
Pistols#26Pistols388 ATK36.45% ATK
Gauntlets#21DGauntlets388 ATK38.88% Energy Regen
AutumntraceBroadblade413 ATK20.25% CRIT Rate
LuminglossSword388 ATK36.45% ATK
ThunderboltPistols388 ATK36.45% ATK
StonardGauntlets413 ATK20.25% CRIT Rate
AugmentRectifier413 ATK20.25% CRIT Rate
Verdant SummitBroadblade588 ATK48.60% CRIT DMG
StringmasterRectifier500 ATK36.00% CRIT Rate
Hollow MirageGauntlets413 ATK30.38% ATK
Pistols of VoyagerPistols300 ATK30.38% ATK
Gauntlets of VoyagerGauntlets325 ATK30.78% DEF