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Aalto Build Guide

Aero Pistol

Level: 1






Update Log: Updated based on live version 1.021

Aalto Overview (1.0.21)

Aalto, an enigmatic Information Broker, is renowned for his elusive demeanor and inviting smile. It is said that he can provide any information, as long as the price is right. Recognizing his exceptional skills in gathering intelligence, Aalto was invited to join the enigmatic organization known as the Black Shores, which operates from a secluded island.

Both Aalto and Encore now serve as Consultants for the Black Shores, forming an inseparable and lively duo during their missions. Despite his initially timid nature, Aalto’s true character shines through as a dependable and attentive individual.

Aalto Review (1.0.21)

Aalto is a 4-Star Aero character in Wuthering Waves.

A DPS character that relies on continuously using Basic Attack and Resonance Skill, with high survivability due to the presence of clones.

After using Basic Attack and Resonance Skill to generate Mist, aerial attacks are typically used to quickly acquire Forte Circuit Energy.

Additionally, due to the fast movement speed in stealth mode, the Open World experience is decent.


  • High survivability and a good experience in Open World.


  • In high-pressure environments, constantly adjusting positions can make it difficult to quickly accumulate Forte Circuit Energy, affecting damage output efficiency.
  • Aalto’s skill set deals decent damage to single targets but lacks AoE capabilities. Burst potential is also lacking.

Aalto Active Skills

Aalto Skills Priority

Glacial Gaze
Resonance Liberation
Clarity of Mind
Forte Circuit
Eternal Frost
Resonance Skill
Cold Thorn
Intro Skill
Cold Light
Basic Attack

Half Truths

Aalto Basic Attack
DMG Multiplier

Base Attack Lv:

Basic Attack
Aalto fires up to 5 consecutive shots, dealing Aero DMG. Basic Attack 4 will spread the ‘Mist’ forward, which lasts for 1.5s.

Heavy Attack
Aalto enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot.
The aimed shot fired after charging finishes deals Aero DMG.

Mid-air Attack
Aalto consumes Stamina to perform consecutive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Aero DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Aero DMG.

Shift Trick

Aalto Resonance Skill
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Skill Lv:

Mist Avatar
Casts ‘Mist’ and 1 ‘Mist Avatar(s)’ to taunt the surrounding targets. The avatars inherit a portion of Aalto’s HP and generate 6 Mist Bullets around them, dealing Aero DMG.

Mist Missiles
Deals Aero DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Aalto Resonance Liberation
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Liberation Lv:

Generate a ‘Gate of Quandary’ in front, dealing Aero DMG. When bullets pass through the ‘Gate of Quandary’, ATK is increased. ‘Gate of Quandary’ lasts for 10s.

Aalto Forte Circuit
DMG Multiplier

Forte Circuit Lv:

When Aalto passes through ‘Mist’ or ‘Gate of Quandary’, he enters ‘Mistcloak Dash’.

Mistcloak Dash
Movement speed increased;
During this period, ‘Mist Drops’ are continuously consumed, and for each 1 ‘Mist Drop’ consumed, 1 Resonance Skill Mist Missile is generated.

Mist Drops
Aalto can hold up to 6 Mist Drops.
When Basic Attack or Mid-air Attack passes through ‘Mist’ and hits the target, 1 ‘Mist Drop’ is recovered.

Aalto Passive Skills (1.0.21)

Aalto Inherent Skill

Aalto Inherent Skill

Aalto Switch Skills (1.0.21)

Aalto Intro Skill
DMG Multiplier

Intro Skill Lv:

Aalto Outro Skill

Aalto Stat Bonus (1.0.21)

Aalto Stat Bonus 1

Aero DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Aalto Stat Bonus 2

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Aalto Resonance Chain (1.0.21)

Suggested Resonance Chain

Sequence 1
Sequence 4
Sequence 5

Aalto Sequence 1

Aalto Sequence 2

Aalto Sequence 3

Aalto Sequence 4

Aalto Sequence 5

Aalto Sequence 6

Aalto Build (1.0.21)

Aalto Best Support Echo set

Moonlit Clouds X 5

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Aalto Sub DPS Echo Skill Priority

Aalto Echo Stats Priority

Cost 4

22% CRIT Rate Or 44% CRIT DMG

Cost 3

30% Aero DMG Or 30% ATK (Alternate)

Cost 1

18% ATK

Sub Stats


Aalto Best Weapon

Other Weapons can be used



Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.



When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 15%, lasting for 15s.



Equipped Resonator gains 6 stack(s) of Oath upon entering the battlefield. Each stack increases ATK by 2%, up to 6 stacks. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) every 12s. Oath reduces by 1 stack(s) every 2s. Equipped Resonator gains an additional 6 stack(s) of Oath upon defeating an enemy.



When Resonance Skill is released, increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 20%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.

Aalto Team Comp (1.0.21)

Aalto Premium Best Team


The main damage type of Jiyan is Heavy Attack Damage. Morfeti’s Outro Skill provides Heavy Attack DMG Deepen, making Morfeti the best teammate for Jiyan. Additionally, Morfeti has off-field coordinated attacks, offering substantial output compared to other Sub DPS options.

Aalto provides Aero DMG Deepen, making Aalto a good Sub DPS in this team comp. However, Aalto’s energy insufficiency can affect the team’s overall damage output.


Verina’s healing abilities and Concerto Energy acquisition abilities are both greater than Baizhi’s, making her the preferred healer character. Verina’s Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect. Baizhi also has a similar effect that is even better, but it requires unlocking at Sequence 5.

Verina’s healing amount is based on her ATK, so Verina has a certain degree of damage output. If you build it well, her damage should not be underestimated.

Verina’s Inherent Skill can provide a 20% attack buff to the entire team, while Baizhi can only provide a 15% attack buff to a single character.

Aalto Ascension Material (1.0.21)

Rank 1
Req Lv 20

Rank 2
Req Lv 40

Rank 3
Req Lv 50

Rank 4
Req Lv 60

Rank 5
Req Lv 70

Rank 6
Req Lv 80

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An Electro damage character with both support and DPS capabilities, Yinlin excels due to the ‘Punishment Mark’ damage type of her Forte Circuit, which is classified as Resonance Skill damage. In the context of the team’s rotation, Resonance Skill damage comprises approximately 50% of Yinlin’s total damage output. Her true value, however, lies not in the off-field coordinated ‘Punishment Mark’ damage, but rather in her effective Concerto Energy generation and the unique buff provided by her Outro Skill in the current version.


An Aero Damage DPS character, this hero relies on the Intro Skill to activate. Once the Resonance Liberation ultimate is initiated, Heavy Attacks contribute to approximately 90% of the total damage. Activating Resonance Liberation changes the attack mode, offering a larger attack range and the ability to suppress lightweight enemies.

The high attack frequency of the Lance of Qingloong allows for the quick activation of stacking Inherent Skills and Weapon Effects. When paired with Morfeti, it can deal exceptionally high total damage against multiple enemies.


Jianxin possesses comprehensive support abilities, providing shields, healing, and pulling enemies together. The range and intensity of the pull are currently the best in this version, although not yet excellent.

The Resonance Skill functions as a damage-immune defensive counter, making it very suitable for novice players who are unfamiliar with action games to tackle high-difficulty dungeons.

While Jianxin does have damage output capabilities, the multipliers are very low and it lacks burst methods.

Choose the appropriate Cost 3 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Moonlit Clouds

[2-set] : Energy Regen increased by 10%.
[5-set] : After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator is increased by 22.5% for 15 seconds

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Moonlit Clouds

[2-set] : Energy Regen increased by 10%.
[5-set] : After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator is increased by 22.5% for 15 seconds