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Change log : A new patch 1.0.21 is released.

There are changes in the text of the character introductions, achievements, tutorials, and other content.

In the latest release. Total 18 Characters(Update in progress) in Wuthering Waves at the moment. Click the Character icon for more details about each character, which includes Character build, weapons and their background information.


There are six elements in Wuthering Waves. They are Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc, Spectro.

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Characters List

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The only healer among the 4-star characters, with an Resonance Liberation healing effect comparable to Verina. High Resonance Chain provides resurrection and increases teammates’ Glacio damage.

Although Verina’s Concerto Energy acquisition ability was enhanced in the official release, Baizhi’s ability is still very excellent.

By using the co-axial technique to accumulate passive energy, using the Resonance Skill can gain up to 42 points of Concerto Energy at once.


  • The Resonance Liberation can heal all team members, whereas Verina’s Resonance Liberation can only provide most of the healing to the active character.
  • Although the healing amount is slightly lower than Verina’s, it is still very sufficient.
  • The buff duration of the Outro Skill is up to 36 seconds, longer than Verina’s 30 seconds.


  • The inherent skill can only provide an attack buff to a single character, and it is 5% less compared to Verina.