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Windchimer Locations & Routes is available now. Make sure you collect all 61 of them to get your free 2 pulls! (360 Astrites)

Jinhsi Build is available now.

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In the latest release, there are currently 21 characters in Wuthering Waves (update in progress). Click on character icons for more details about each character, including their builds, weapons, and background information.

Zhezhi and Xiangli Yao into the Characters List. They will be available in 1.2.


Wuthering Waves features six elements: Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc and Spectro.

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Fusion DPS character among the permanent 5-stars, enters an enhanced state and changes attack mode after activating Resonance Liberation. The main source of Encore’s damage is not the Forte Circuit, but the Basic Attack damage after activating Resonance Liberation. Moreover, the cooldown times for Encore’s regular Resonance Skill and the enhanced Resonance Skill during Resonance Liberation are independent of each other.

In Encore’s damage output after activating Resonance Liberation, Basic Attack damage accounts for nearly 70%. You can choose Sanhua as a teammate to maximize her damage.


  • Encore’s damage multiplier in a single output cycle is comparable to Jiyan and Calcharo, making it an excellent DPS character. Additionally, Encore’s Dodge Counter after activating Resonance Liberation can directly link to Basic Attack 3, so even if the attack rhythm is interrupted by dodging, not much damage is lost.


  • Encore’s Outro Skill deals AoE for 6 seconds, making it difficult to deal full damage when enemies are not controlled.
  • Although Encore’s output is considerable after activating Resonance Liberation, it is relatively weak in its normal state, and it cannot perform parrying in its normal state.
  • Encore needs teammates’s help replenish the resonance energy or get through the downtime without Resonance Liberation.