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Wuthering Waves 1.1 Thaw Of Eons - June 28

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Updated Jinhsi’s kit & Changli’s kit in V3.

We had added a fully routed & locations for Cost 1 and Cost 3 Rejuvenating Glow Echoes, map can be found at Interactive Map page. Other Echo Effect’s fully routed farming map will be added shortly.

We had also updated with fully routed Sonance Casket Routes & Locations.

In the latest release. Total 18 Characters (Update in progress) in Wuthering Waves at the moment. Click the Character icon for more details about each character, which includes Character build, weapons and their background information.

Also added Jinhsi & Changli into Characters List.


There are six elements in Wuthering Waves. They are Aero, Electro, Fusion, Glacio, Havoc, Spectro.

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Wuthering Wave YangYang

A free character obtained immediately upon entering the game. Due to the low Skill Multiplier, her damage gradually falls behind as the game progresses.

Although her Concerto Energy acquisition ability is decent, due to the low damage output and unimpressive Outro Skill, it’s challenging to find a suitable team for her.


  • Resonance Liberation can pull enemies together, providing some benefit when paired with teammates that have small attack area.


  • While the Outro Skill can provide additional Resonance Energy, its value is still not high and is somewhat dispensable.
  • Yangyang’s Forte Circuit cannot knock back super-armor enemies.