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Chixia Build Guide

Fusion Pistol

Level: 1






Update Log: Updated based on live version 1.014

Chixia Overview (1.0.21)

In Wuthering Waves, Chixia is a 4-Stars Fusion character and uses Pistol during the fight.

Chixia, a young member of the Jinzhou Patrollers, patrols the streets of Jinzhou City, leaving her passionate imprint on every alley she traverses. As a beloved figure within her community, she stands as a shining hero, always prepared to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Chixia Review (1.0.21)

Chixia is a 4-Star Fusion character in Wuthering Waves.

Obtained immediately upon entering the game, this character has the highest burst damage among four-star characters and is the best fit for the Battle Pass Pistol.
Using R1 permanent five-star weapons as the 100% standard, a fully leveled Battle Pass Pistol can reach 110%.
In Chixia’s burst damage output, Resonance Skill damage accounts for over 60%.
If the Double-Boom Boom technique is mastered (using Resonance Liberation immediately after the second Boom Boom and then using Boom Boom again after Resonance Liberation ends),
the proportion of Resonance Skill damage can be even higher.
Although the Resonance Liberation Energy requirement is quite high, the Resonance Liberation Multiplier is the highest among four-star characters, making the damage very considerable.


  • Extremely strong burst capability!
  • Resonance Chain benefits are among the top for four-star characters.


  • Since the damage mainly focuses on Resonance Skill: Boom Boom, the Resonance Skill: DAKA DAKA! in Forte Circuit takes a long time to execute,
    it is very easy to get interrupted by aggressive enemies, so it is crucial to find the right timing for output.

Chixia Active Skills (1.0.21)

Chixia Skills Priority

Heroic Bullets
Forte Circuit
Blazing Flames
Resonance Liberation
Whizzing Fight Spirit
Resonance Skill
Basic Attack
Make a Grand Entrance
Intro Skill

Forte Circuit is the first priority to upgrade as it is the main source of damage and the core mechanism of Chixia. Resonance Liberation provides significant damage, so it should be the second priority. Then, Resonance Skill should be the third to upgrade because most of Chixia’s damage comes from the Resonance Skill damage provided by Forte Circuit. Therefore, the equipment will also focus on enhancing Resonance Skill damage, making Resonance Skill a good source of additional damage.

Chixia Basic Attack
DMG Multiplier

Base Attack Lv:

Basic Attack
Chixia fires up to 4 consecutive shots, dealing Fusion DMG.

Heavy Attack
Chixia enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot.
The aimed shot fired after charging finishes deals Fusion DMG.

Mid-air Attack
Chixia consumes Stamina to perform consecutive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Fusion DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG.

Chixia Resonance Skill
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Skill Lv:

Chixia unleashes a flurry of shots, dealing Fusion DMG.

Whizzing Fight Spirit has 2 initial charges.

Chixia Resonance Liberation
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Liberation Lv:

Chixia fires up fast shots at nearby enemies, dealing Fusion DMG.

Chixia Forte Circuit
DMG Multiplier

Forte Circuit Lv:

Resonance Skill: DAKA DAKA!
Hold Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit to enter DAKA DAKA!. In this state:
Chixia continuously consumes ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage;
Tap Basic Attack to cast Basic Attack 4, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Basic Attack damage. Then she terminates ‘DAKA DAKA!’;
·If 30 ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ have been fired when Basic Attack is activated, Chixia will cast Resonance Skill Boom Boom and terminate ‘DAKA DAKA!’
Chixia terminates ‘DAKA DAKA!’ when all ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ are consumed.

Resonance Skill: Boom Boom
Chixia deals Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Thermobaric Bullets
Chixia can hold up to 60 ‘Thermobaric Bullets’.
Inherent Skill Scorching Magazine increases Max ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ by 10.
Chixia obtains ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ for every Normal Attack POW POW on hit.
Chixia obtains ‘Thermobaric Bullets’ upon casting Intro Skill Grand Entrance and Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit.

Chixia Passive Skills (1.0.21)

Chixia Inherent Skill

Chixia Inherent Skill

Chixia Switch Skills (1.0.21)

Chixia Intro Skill
DMG Multiplier

Intro Skill Lv:

Chixia Outro Skill

Chixia Stat Bonus (1.0.21)

Chixia Stat Bonus 1

Fusion DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Chixia Stat Bonus 2

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Chixia Resonance Chain (1.0.21)

Suggested Resonance Chain

Sequence 1
Sequence 4
Sequence 5
Sequence 6

Sequence 5 has the highest damage increase for Chixia among all Resonance Chains. Sequence 6 allows Chixia to increase the Basic Attack damage of teammates.

*The % increase is relative to the previous Resonance Chain.

Chixia Sequence 1

Chixia Sequence 2

Chixia Sequence 3

Chixia Sequence 4

Chixia Sequence 5

Chixia Sequence 6

Chixia Build (1.0.21)

Chixia Best Fusion Echo set 1

Molten Rift X 5

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Chixia Alternate Echo set

Molten Rift X 2

Lingering Tunes X 2

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Chixia Echo Skill Priority

Inferno Rider can increase Chixia’s Fusion Damage and can also transform into a mount, greatly enhancing the experience of exploring the map.

Havoc Dreadmane‘s skill form and damage are superior to Violet-Feathered Heron.

Although Violet-Feathered Heron’s Counterattack multiplier is decent and it can restore 5 Concerto points, it seems appealing at first glance. However, its practical use is limited as it often leads to standing idle. Compared to Extreme Evasion, which restores 10 Concerto points, it falls short by half. For beginners, it is more recommended to use Havoc Dreadmane to quickly defeat enemies or find openings to deal damage, rather than attempting to use Violet-Feathered Heron‘s Counterattack.

Chixia Echo Stats Priority

Cost 4

22% CRIT Rate Or 44% CRIT DMG

Cost 3

30% Fusion DMG

Cost 1

18% ATK

Sub Stats

CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG > Resonance Skill DMG % ≈ ATK% > Resonance Liberation DMG

Chixia Best Weapons Damage Comparison

The percentage change in damage output is compared to the weapon designated as 100%.



Base ATK : 387

Secondary Stat – ATK : 36.4%

When hitting a target with Basic Attacks or Heavy Attacks, increases Resonance Skill DMG Bonus by 7%/11%/15%/19%/23%, stacking up to 3/3/3/3/3 time(s). This effect lasts for 10/10/10/10/10s and can be triggered 1/1/1/1/1 time(s) every 1/1/1/1/1s.



Base ATK : 587

Secondary Stat – Crit Rate : 24.3%

Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%/16%/19.2%/22.4%/25.6%. When Outro Skill is released, increases the switched-in Resonator’s ATK by 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%, stacking up to 1/1/1/1/1 time(s). This effect lasts for 14/14/14/14/14s.



Base ATK : 412

Secondary Stat – ATK : 30.3%

When Intro Skill is released, increases Resonance Skill DMG Bonus by 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% for 15/15/15/15/15s.



Base ATK : 412

Secondary Stat – ATK : 30.3%

When the Resonator dashes or dodges, increases ATK by 4%/5%/6%/7%/8%, stacking up to 3/3/3/3/3 time(s). This effect lasts for 8/8/8/8/8s.

Chixia Team Comp (1.0.21)

Chixia Best Team 

Over 60% of Chixia’s damage comes from Resonance Skill types, with Resonance Skill: Boom Boom accounting for a significant portion. Activating Resonance Skill: Boom Boom requires 30 Thermobaric Bullets, which can be easily interrupted when facing highly mobile enemies.

Taoqi can provide a shield and Resonance Skill DMG Deepen, while Rover (Spectro)’s Area of Stasis can create an environment for dealing damage. Yangyang’s Outro Skill can restore Liberation Energy for Chixia. Although Chixia’s Resonance Liberation multiplier is the highest among four-star characters, it requires 150 energy points. Given that Chixia’s energy restoration is not very efficient, players who enjoy using Chixia’s Liberation should pair her with Yangyang to help with energy recovery.


Verina’s healing abilities and Concerto Energy acquisition abilities are both greater than Baizhi’s, making her the preferred healer character. Verina’s Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect. Baizhi also has a similar effect that is even better, but it requires unlocking at Sequence 5.

Verina’s healing amount is based on her ATK, so Verina has a certain degree of damage output. If you build it well, her damage should not be underestimated.

Verina’s Inherent Skill can provide a 20% attack buff to the entire team, while Baizhi can only provide a 15% attack buff to a single character.

Chixia Ascension Material (1.0.21)

Rank 1
Req Lv 20

Rank 2
Req Lv 40

Rank 3
Req Lv 50

Rank 4
Req Lv 60

Rank 5
Req Lv 70

Rank 6
Req Lv 80

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An Electro damage character with both support and DPS capabilities, Yinlin excels due to the ‘Punishment Mark’ damage type of her Forte Circuit, which is classified as Resonance Skill damage. In the context of the team’s rotation, Resonance Skill damage comprises approximately 50% of Yinlin’s total damage output. Her true value, however, lies not in the off-field coordinated ‘Punishment Mark’ damage, but rather in her effective Concerto Energy generation and the unique buff provided by her Outro Skill in the current version.


An Aero Damage DPS character, this hero relies on the Intro Skill to activate. Once the Resonance Liberation ultimate is initiated, Heavy Attacks contribute to approximately 90% of the total damage. Activating Resonance Liberation changes the attack mode, offering a larger attack range and the ability to suppress lightweight enemies.

The high attack frequency of the Lance of Qingloong allows for the quick activation of stacking Inherent Skills and Weapon Effects. When paired with Morfeti, it can deal exceptionally high total damage against multiple enemies.


Jianxin possesses comprehensive support abilities, providing shields, healing, and pulling enemies together. The range and intensity of the pull are currently the best in this version, although not yet excellent.

The Resonance Skill functions as a damage-immune defensive counter, making it very suitable for novice players who are unfamiliar with action games to tackle high-difficulty dungeons.

While Jianxin does have damage output capabilities, the multipliers are very low and it lacks burst methods.

Choose the appropriate Cost 3 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Molten Rift
[2-set]  : Fusion damage is increased by 10%
[5-set]  : When releasing Resonance Skill, Fusion damage is increased by 30% for 15s

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Molten Rift
[2-set]  : Fusion damage is increased by 10%
[5-set]  : When releasing Resonance Skill, Fusion damage is increased by 30% for 15s

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Lingering Tunes

[2-set] : ATK increases by 10%
[5-set] : When in effect, your ATK increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds, stacking up to four times. Outro Skill DMG is increased by 60%.