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Danjin Build Guide

Havoc Sword

Level: 1






Late Updated:

Update Log: Updated based on live version 1.014

Danjin Overview

In Wuthering Waves, Danjin is a 4-Stars Havoc character and uses Sword during the fight.

A ranger of unwavering integrity, she possesses a resolute moral compass.
Her travels across the lands serve as a constant pursuit to deepen her understanding of the essence of good and evil.
Despite the lurking perils that lie in every corner of her path, she solemnly swears to purge the world of villainy.

Danjin Review

Danjin is a 4-Star Havoc character in Wuthering Waves.

High damage, low survivability. Among 4-star characters, Danjin has the highest overall damage output. The Resonance Chain benefits are the highest among 4-star characters.

With a smooth-damage output flow, a high Resonance Chain Danjin has damage close to or even surpassing low Resonance Chain 5-star characters. Danjin has the shortest attack animation lock in the entire game. In a single damage output cycle, Resonance Skill damage and Heavy Attack account for approximately 45% and 42% respectively.

Danjin’s unique feature is that using Resonance Skill accumulates Forte Circuit Energy even if it doesn’t hit the enemy, thus in actual combat, the proportion of Heavy Attack damage will be higher.


  • Danjin has very high single-target damage, close to or even surpassing low Resonance Chain 5-star characters.
  • Danjin’s frequent, short animation-lock attacks make its operation extremely smooth.


  • Danjin consumes its own HP when using Resonance Skill, down to 1%, so without a shield, Danjin must be one-shot.
  • Although Danjin is not difficult to use, extreme caution is required in actual combat. A slight mistake can lead to death, and healing is meaningless for Danjin, resulting in a Simplicity score of only 1. Additionally, Danjin’s overly smooth output makes the damage boost from teammates less noticeable.

Danjin Active Skills

Danjin Skills Priority

Danxin Zhaojin
Forte Circuit
Incinerating Will
Resonance Skill
Crimson Bloom
Resonance Liberation
Wield the Blade
Basic Attack
Strike the Enemy
Intro Skill

Main DPS Rotation

  1. Intro Skill
  2. Resonance Skill *2 (Crimson Erosion 1 & 2)
  3. Echo Skill (Crownless)
  4. Resonance Liberation
  5. Basic Attack *2
  6. Resonance Skill *3 (Sanguine Pulse 1 & 2 & 3)
  7. Basic Attack *2
  8. Resonance Skill *3 (Sanguine Pulse 1 & 2 & 3)
  9. Heavy Attack (Full Energy Chaoscleave)
  10. Basic Attack (Full Energy Scatterbloom)
  11. Outro Skill

Danjin Basic Attack
DMG Multiplier

Base Attack Lv:

Basic Attack
Danjin performs up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Heavy Attack
Danjin combines her Forte with the blade in her hand and consumes Stamina to launch consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Mid-air Attack
Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to launch an attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter: Ruby Shades
After a successful Dodge Counter, Danjin can use the Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment to perform Resonance Skill: Crimson Erosion.

Danjin Resonance Skill
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Skill Lv:

When casting Incinerating Will, each attack consumes 3% of Danjin’s max HP. When Danjin’s HP is less than 1%, this no longer consumes HP.

Carmine Gleam
Danjin attacks the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Crimson Erosion
After Basic Attack 2, Dodge Counter or Intro Skill Vindication, use Resonance Skill to perform up to 2 consecutive strikes, dealing Havoc DMG.
When Crimson Erosion II hits a target, apply Incinerating Will to it.

Incinerating Will
Danjin’s damage dealt to targets marked with Incinerating Will is increased by 20%.

Sanguine Pulse
Use Resonance Skill after Basic Attack 3 to perform up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Danjin Resonance Liberation

DMG Multiplier

Resonance Liberation Lv:

Danjin’s anger intensifies as she frantically swings her dual blades, performing multiple rapid consecutive attacks, and 1 Scarlet Burst attack(s), dealing Havoc DMG.

Danjin Forte Circuit

DMG Multiplier

Forte Circuit Lv:

Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave
After accumulating 60 ‘Ruby Blossom’, long press Basic Attack to consume all ‘Ruby Blossom’ to cast Chaoscleave, dealing Havoc DMG considered as Heavy Attack damage, and restore HP for Danjin.
If current ‘Ruby Blossom’ reaches over 120, this skill consumes 120 ‘Ruby Blossom’ to increase the damage multiplier of Chaoscleave and Scatterbloom performed this time.

Heavy Attack: Scatterbloom
Use Basic Attack after Heavy Attack Chaoscleave to cast Shatter to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage.

Ruby Blossom
Danjin obtains ‘Ruby Blossom’ when using Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment.

Danjin Forte Circuit Move-Set

Wield the Blade
Wield the Blade
Wield the Blade
Incinerating Will
Incinerating Will
Incinerating Will
Wield the Blade

Danjin Passive Skills

Danjin Inherent Skill

Danjin Inherent Skill

Danjin Switch Skills

Danjin Intro Skill
DMG Multiplier

Intro Skill Lv:

Danjin Outro Skill

Danjin Stat Bonus

Danjin Stat Bonus 1

Havoc DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Danjin Stat Bonus 2

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Danjin Resonance Chain

Suggested Resonance Chain

Sequence 1
Sequence 2
Sequence 5
Sequence 6

Danjin Sequence 1

Danjin Sequence 2

Danjin Sequence 3

Danjin Sequence 4

Danjin Sequence 5

Danjin Sequence 6

Danjin Build

Danjin Best Havoc Echo set

Sun-sinking Eclipse X 5

Main Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Danjin Echo Skill Priority

Danjin Echo Stats Priority

Cost 4

22% CRIT Rate Or 44% CRIT DMG

Cost 3

30% Havoc DMG Or 30% ATK (Alternate)

Cost 1

18% ATK

Sub Stats

CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG > ATK% > Resonance Skill DMG % 

Danjin Best Weapons Comparison



Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.



When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 15%, lasting for 15s.



When Resonance Skill is released, increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 20%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.



Equipped Resonator gains 6 stack(s) of Oath upon entering the battlefield. Each stack increases ATK by 2%, up to 6 stacks. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) every 12s. Oath reduces by 1 stack(s) every 2s. Equipped Resonator gains an additional 6 stack(s) of Oath upon defeating an enemy.

Danjin Team Comp

Danjin Best Team 

Morifei can provide a beneficial Heavy Attack Outro skill buff for Danjin, offering decent damage assistance. However, in practical combat situations, the effectiveness of Danjin’s Forte Circuit is limited due to the maximum of two uses within the 14-second duration of Morifei’s Outro skill buff.

In Morifei’s RC1 state, after activating Resonance Liberation, each use of Danjin’s Resonance Skill triggers Morifei’s synergistic attacks. Through actual testing, it has been observed that a single 3A3E combo from Danjin can trigger 8 consecutive synergistic attacks, surpassing even Jeiyan in terms of efficiency (in single-target environments).

Although Danjin does not require healing, the primary significance of a healer lies in prolonging the buffs from Sonata effect sets. Additionally, Virena’s inherent skill 2 provides a one-time “cheat death” effect, essentially granting an additional life.

Danjin Best Team 2

Taoqi’s role is to provide shields for Danjin, safeguarding him from being defeated by enemies when his health is critically low. Moreover, Taoqi can boost the damage of Danjin’s Resonance Skill, offering a significant damage support effect.

Healer – Verina/Baizhi

Verina’s healing abilities and Concerto Energy acquisition abilities are both greater than Baizhi’s, making her the preferred healer character. Verina’s Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect. Baizhi also has a similar effect that is even better, but it requires unlocking at Sequence 5.

Verina’s healing amount is based on her ATK, so Verina has a certain degree of damage output. If you build it well, her damage should not be underestimated.

Verina’s Inherent Skill can provide a 20% attack buff to the entire team, while Baizhi can only provide a 15% attack buff to a single character.

Danjin Ascension Material

Rank 1
Req Lv 20

Rank 2
Req Lv 40

Rank 3
Req Lv 50

Rank 4
Req Lv 60

Rank 5
Req Lv 70

Rank 6
Req Lv 80

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In the current version, you can obtain 4 free Resonance Chains. With the support of the Resonance Chain effect, although each rotation’s damage is lower than that of five-star characters, it is still quite outstanding compared to four-star characters with low Resonance Chains.

However, since there are no additional means to obtain Resonance Chains in the current version, it appears weaker when compared to four-star characters with high Resonance Chains. It is suitable for F2P (Free-to-Play) players to develop. Rover S6 possesses the game’s only RES Reduction effect, which can boost the team’s damage by at least 11.1%, showing future potential.

Rover Havoc

The base stats are much higher than 4-star characters and slightly lower than 5-star characters. However, the Skill Rate and forms are quite excellent, featuring different attack modes in normal and Dark Surge states. During the burst phase, skill multipliers are comparable to five-star characters like Jiyan or Calcharo.

After entering Dark Surge, it boasts outstanding single-target damage output, and the high multiplier Resonance Liberation along with the Echo “Dreamless” also provide decent AoE capabilities.


After the strengthening in the OBT, the consumption rate of Photosynthesis Energy has been greatly increased. Consuming one layer of Photosynthesis Energy grants 12 Concerto Energy, significantly reducing Verina’s on-field time requirement. At the same time, her Healing Efficiency has been greatly improved, addressing the awkward situation during CBT3 where she couldn’t keep up with Baizhi.

Due to the special nature of the Healer role’s Outro Skill, a healer is essential for the Main DPS to deal maximum damage, underscoring Verina’s indispensability. Additionally, since Verina’s healing is based on her attack power, she also possesses output capability, which, though not outstanding, is still significant. Of course, this is contingent on Verina being built correctly.

Choose the appropriate Cost 3 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Sun-sinking Eclipse
[2-set]: Havoc DMG is increased by 10%.
[5-set] : When releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG is increased by 7.5%, stacking up to four times for 15 seconds.

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Sun-sinking Eclipse
[2-set]: Havoc DMG is increased by 10%.
[5-set] : When releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG is increased by 7.5%, stacking up to four times for 15 seconds.