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Mortefi Build Guide

Fusion Pistol

Level: 1






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Update Log: Updated Mortefi’s team.

Mortefi Overview

Mortefi is from the New Federation, he serves as the head of the Branch of Tacetite Weaponry within the Department of Safety at Huaxu Academy in Jinzhou.

Mortefi Review

Mortefi is a 4-Star Fusion character in Wuthering Waves.

A off-field synergy attack character with great potential. It is the 4-star up character in the same banner as Jiyan.

The Outro Skill buff is very suitable for Jiyan, making it Jiyan’s best support so far. Due to the Inherent Skill 2 has increment effect, the theoretical damage provided during the Resonance Liberation is very high. Additionally, the efficiency of Resonance Energy and Concerto Energy acquisition is decent.


  • As a off-field synergy attack character, it can be paired with many high-frequency attack characters.
  • The unique Resonance Skill mechanism allows for a large amount of Concerto Energy and Resonance Energy to be acquired in a short time.


  • However, due to the internal cooldown of synergy attacks and the difference in attack frequency with frontline DPS characters, in actual combat, the trigger rate of synergy attacks is much lower than expected,
  • Currently unable to fully utilize the effect of Inherent Skill 2

Mortefi Active Skills

Mortefi Skills Priority

Violent Finale
Resonance Liberation
Fury Fugue
Forte Circuit
Passionate Variation
Resonance Skill
Impromptu Performance
Basic Attack
Intro Skill

Mortefi Burst Rotation

  1. Intro Skill
  2. Resonance Skill
  3. Resonance Liberation
  4. Basic Attack *3
  5. Resonance Skill
  6. Basic Attack *n (Until full Concerto Energy)
  7. Echo Skill (Impermanence Heron)
  8. Outro Skill (Switch to next character)

Mortefi Basic Attack
DMG Multiplier

Base Attack Lv:

Basic Attack
Mortefi uses his dual pistols and flames to perform up to 4 consecutive shots, dealing Fusion DMG.

Heavy Attack
Mortefi enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot.
The aimed shot fired after charging finishes deals Fusion DMG.

Mid-air Attack
Mortefi consumes Stamina to perform consecutive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Fusion DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG.

Mortefi Resonance Skill
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Skill Lv:

Launch a flashing lightning of flames forward, dealing Fusion DMG.

Mortefi Resonance Liberation
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Liberation Lv:

Deal Fusion DMG, and apply Burning Rhapsody to all characters in the team.

Burning Rhapsody
When the on-field character’s Basic Attack hits the target, Mortefi launches a Coordinated Attack, firing 1 Marcato.
When the on-field character’s Heavy Attack hits the target, Mortefi launches a Coordinated Attack, firing 2 Marcato.
Mortefi can launch one Coordinated Attack every 0.35s.

Deals Fusion DMG.

Mortefi Forte Circuit
DMG Multiplier

Forte Circuit Lv:

Resonance Skill: Fury Fugue
When Mortefi’s ‘Annoyance’ reaches 100, his Resonance Skill is replaced with Fury Fudge.
When casting Fury Fudge, Mortefi consumes all ‘Annoyance’ to unleash high-speed flame lightning, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Mortefi can hold up to 100 Annoyance.
When Normal Attack Impromptu Show hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored.
When Intro Skill Dissonance hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored.
When Resonance Skill Passionate Variation hits the target, “Annoyance” is restored.
Within 5s after casting Passionate Variation, Basic Attack Impromptu that hits the target additionally restores “Annoyance”.

Mortefi Passive Skills

Mortefi Inherent Skill

Mortefi Inherent Skill

Mortefi Switch Skills

Mortefi Intro Skill
DMG Multiplier

Intro Skill Lv:

Mortefi Outro Skill

Mortefi Stat Bonus

Mortefi Stat Bonus 1

Fusion DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Mortefi Stat Bonus 2

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Mortefi Resonance Chain

Suggested Resonance Chain

Sequence 1
Sequence 4
Sequence 6

S1 and S4 more efficiently utilize Inherent Skill 2 to maximize Liberation DMG. S6 increases Mortefi’s support for the entire team.

Mortefi Sequence 1

Mortefi Sequence 2

Mortefi Sequence 3

Mortefi Sequence 4

Mortefi Sequence 5

Mortefi Sequence 6

Mortefi Build

Mortefi Best Support Echo set

Moonlit Clouds X 5

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Mortefi Sub DPS Echo Skill Priority

Mortefi Echo Stats Priority

Cost 4

22% CRIT Rate Or 44% CRIT DMG

Cost 3

32% Energy Regen

Cost 1

18% ATK

Sub Stats

Energy Regen(160%) > CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG > ATK% > Resonance Skill Dmg Bonus >Resonance Liberation Dmg Bonus

Base ATK : 587

Secondary Stat – Crit. Rate : 24.3%

Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%/16%/19.2%/22.4%/25.6%. When Outro Skill is released, increases the switched-in Resonator’s ATK by 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 14s.


Base ATK : 337

Secondary Stat – Energy Regen 51.8%

When Resonance Skill is released, restores Concerto Energy by 8/10/12/14/16. This effect can be triggered 1 time every 20s.


Base ATK : 300

Secondary Stat – ATK : 30.3%

When Resonance Skill is released, restores Resonance Energy by 8/9/10/11/12. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) every 20s.

Mortefi Team Comp

Mortefi Premium Best Team


The main damage type of Jiyan is Heavy Attack Damage. Morfeti’s Outro Skill provides Heavy Attack DMG Deepen, making Morfeti the best teammate for Jiyan. Additionally, Morfeti has off-field coordinated attacks, offering substantial output compared to other Sub DPS options.


Verina’s healing abilities and Concerto Energy acquisition abilities are both greater than Baizhi’s, making her the preferred healer character. Verina’s Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect. Baizhi also has a similar effect that is even better, but it requires unlocking at Sequence 5.

Verina’s healing amount is based on her ATK, so Verina has a certain degree of damage output. If you build it well, her damage should not be underestimated.

Verina’s Inherent Skill can provide a 20% attack buff to the entire team, while Baizhi can only provide a 15% attack buff to a single character.

Mortefi Premium Best Team 2

Main DPS – Jinhsi

Jinhsi relies on teammates’ coordinated Attack to maximize the rate of stacking “Incandescence” in order to maximize the damage of enhanced skill. Therefore, prioritize selecting teammates with coordinated attack mechanisms.

Sub DPS – Mortefi

In a single-target environment, Mortefi is the top choice. Mortefi can fully charge concerto energy using Intro Skill, Basic Attack, Skill, and enhanced Skill, making her an excellent coordinated attack teammate. Mortefi at S4 can significantly reduce the downtime of coordinated attacks, while at S6, Mortefi can greatly enhance her support capabilities for Jinhsi. The drawback is that Mortefi below S4 performs poorly in Jinhsi’s team.

Healer – Verina/Baizhi

Since both Verina and Jinhsi are Spectro characters, and Verina’s ‘Jué’ echo skill provides a 15-second DoT, each coordinated attack by Verina only provides 2 points of ‘Incandescence’. Additionally, the cooldown of coordinated attacks does not match the cooldown for stacking ‘Incandescence’, so during the 10S Liberation period, Verina can only provide Jinhsi with about 14-16 points of ‘Incandescence’. If the character is attacked or the boss moves during Liberation, the amount of ‘Incandescence’ obtained will be even less.

Baizhi’s Liberation can also provide coordinated attacks, and it deals Glacio damage, with each coordinated attack providing 3 points of ‘Incandescence’. During the entire Liberation period, 12 points of ‘Incandescence’ can be obtained. An S4 Baizhi will have two additional coordinated attacks, increasing the ‘Incandescence’ gained to 18 points. Moreover, Baizhi’s attacks are unique in that they do not need to hit the enemy to trigger, and Baizhi’s coordinated attacks can also trigger Yinlin’s coordinated attacks. The downside is that Baizhi gains concerto energy slower than Verina and has a 5% lower ATK buff, which is also a single-target buff.

Mortefi Ascension Material

Rank 1
Req Lv 20

Rank 2
Req Lv 40

Rank 3
Req Lv 50

Rank 4
Req Lv 60

Rank 5
Req Lv 70

Rank 6
Req Lv 80

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In the current version, you can obtain 4 free Resonance Chains. With the support of the Resonance Chain effect, although each rotation’s damage is lower than that of five-star characters, it is still quite outstanding compared to four-star characters with low Resonance Chains.

However, since there are no additional means to obtain Resonance Chains in the current version, it appears weaker when compared to four-star characters with high Resonance Chains. It is suitable for F2P (Free-to-Play) players to develop. Rover S6 possesses the game’s only RES Reduction effect, which can boost the team’s damage by at least 11.1%, showing future potential.

Rover Havoc

The base stats are much higher than 4-star characters and slightly lower than 5-star characters. However, the Skill Rate and forms are quite excellent, featuring different attack modes in normal and Dark Surge states. During the burst phase, skill multipliers are comparable to five-star characters like Jiyan or Calcharo.

After entering Dark Surge, it boasts outstanding single-target damage output, and the high multiplier Resonance Liberation along with the Echo “Dreamless” also provide decent AoE capabilities.


After the strengthening in the OBT, the consumption rate of Photosynthesis Energy has been greatly increased. Consuming one layer of Photosynthesis Energy grants 12 Concerto Energy, significantly reducing Verina’s on-field time requirement. At the same time, her Healing Efficiency has been greatly improved, addressing the awkward situation during CBT3 where she couldn’t keep up with Baizhi.

Due to the special nature of the Healer role’s Outro Skill, a healer is essential for the Main DPS to deal maximum damage, underscoring Verina’s indispensability. Additionally, since Verina’s healing is based on her attack power, she also possesses output capability, which, though not outstanding, is still significant. Of course, this is contingent on Verina being built correctly.

Choose the appropriate Cost 3 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Moonlit Clouds

[2-set] : Energy Regen increased by 10%.
[5-set] : After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator is increased by 22.5% for 15 seconds

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Moonlit Clouds

[2-set] : Energy Regen increased by 10%.
[5-set] : After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator is increased by 22.5% for 15 seconds