Rover (Female)
rarity 5

Rover Havoc Build Guide

Havoc Sword

Level: 1






Update Log: Added Rover Havoc’s Damage Composition.

Rover Havoc Overview

Rover, awakened with a mysterious history, sets forth on a quest to unveil the hidden truths. Along the way, as the secrets unravel, Rover forges profound bonds with the world around them. For Rover Havoc Build, Main DPS Build is the best option in the current version.

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A Resonator of enigmatic identity, wielding the ability to absorb any sounds, Rover embarks on this journey with the sole purpose of reclaiming their long-lost memories.

Rover can switch to the Havoc attribute after progressing the main storyline quest.

Rover Havoc Review

The base stats are much higher than 4-star characters and slightly lower than 5-star characters. However, the Skill Rate and forms are quite excellent, with different attack modes in normal and Dark Surge states. During the burst phase, skill multipliers are similar to five-star characters like Jiyan or Calcharo.

After entering Dark Surge, it has outstanding single-target damage output, and the high multiplier Resonance Liberation and the Echo “Dreamless” also provide decent AoE capabilities.


  • The character level inherits Rover (Spectro)’s, requiring fewer development materials.
  • In Dark Surge state, low multiplier Basic Attack segments can be canceled through Dodging, Resonance Skill, or Resonance Liberation.
  • Under extreme output, the overall multiplier slightly exceeds that of Jiyan or Calcharo.
    A must-play character for F2P players.


  • A single output cycle in Dark Surge state takes a long time and is easily interrupted by super-armor bosses.
  • Rover (Havoc)’s resonance chain has almost no benefits except for Sequence 4, which can be considered a complete form upon obtaining it. However, since Sequence 4 can reduce the RES of enemies, it can still be used as support even after its stats become outdated.

Rover Havoc Active Skills

Rover Havoc Skills Priority

Forte Circuit
Resonance Liberation
Resonance Skill
Basic Attack
Intro Skill

After triggering Forte Circuit, Rover (Havoc) gains a new Basic Attack mode. The multiplier for this new Basic Attack mode is related to the level of Forte Circuit. The second highest type of damage for Rover (Havoc) is Resonance Liberation, accounting for around 20% of the total damage. It is recommended to upgrade Resonance Skill and Basic Attack evenly, as they are essential in every rotation to gain “Umbra” and their damage outputs are very similar.

Rover Havoc Burst Rotation

Prerequisite – Sub DPS’s Concerto Energy will be full soon.

  1. Resonance Skill (+40 Umbra, Total Umbra : 40)
  2. Basic Attack *5 (+33 Umbra, Total Umbra : 73)
  3. (Switch to Sub DPS, charge to full Concerto Energy)
  4. Intro Skill (Switch to Rover Havoc) (+33 Umbra, Total Umbra : 100)
  5. Heavy Attack (Consume all Umbra and enter “Dark Surge” State)
  6. Heavy Attack (Enhanced)
  7. Basic Attack (Thwackblade)
  8. Resonance Skill (Enhanced)
  9. Heavy Attack (Enhanced)
  10. Basic Attack (Thwackblade)
  11. Basic Attack *2 (Enhanced Basic Attack 3 & 4)
  12. Heavy Attack (Enhanced)
  13. Basic Attack (Thwackblade)
  14. Basic Attack *2 (Enhanced Basic Attack 3 & 4)
  15. Resonance Liberation
  16. Echo Skill (Dreamless)
  17. Outro Skill (Switch to next character)

The Echo equipped is Dreamless

100 “Umbra” is required to activate the burst stage “Dark Surge.” The optimal way to obtain “Umbra” is by using the Resonance Skill (+40 Umbra), one set of Basic Attacks (+33 Umbra), and the Intro Skill (+33 Umbra).

The sequence starts with using the Resonance Skill and one set of Basic Attacks, then switching to the Sub DPS character to fully charge Concerto Energy. Afterward, switch back to Rover Havoc and use the Intro Skill to reach 100 “Umbra.” When Rover Havoc enters the field, use Heavy Attack to immediately enter “Dark Surge” mode and begin the burst phase.

In “Dark Surge” mode, most skills are enhanced. The enhanced Heavy Attack can upgrade the next Basic Attack into Thwackblade. After using Thwackblade, you can directly use Enhanced Basic Attack 3 & 4. The rotation during “Dark Surge” mode follows the same pattern mentioned above.

Finally, just before “Dark Surge” ends, use Resonance Liberation and immediately follow with the Echo Skill “Dreamless.” Resonance Liberation enhances Dreamless, and since Dreamless continues to deal damage after being cast, switch to the next character without waiting for Dreamless to finish its damage output.

Rover Havoc Basic Attack
DMG Multiplier

Base Attack Lv:

Basic Attack
Rover-Havoc performs up to 5 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Heavy Attack
Rover-Havoc consumes Stamina to attack, dealing Havoc DMG.
Use Basic Attack after casting Heavy Attack to cast Basic Attack 4.

Mid-air Attack
Rover-Havoc consumes Stamina to cast a Mid-Air Plunging Attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Rover Havoc Resonance Skill
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Skill Lv:

Transforms sound into feathers, dealing Havoc DMG.

Rover Havoc Resonance Liberation
DMG Multiplier

Resonance Liberation Lv:

Gather the echoes between Rover’s palms to attack a target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Rover Havoc Forte Circuit
DMG Multiplier

Forte Circuit Lv:

When “Umbra” is full, hold Basic Attack to cast Devastation to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage.

Dark Surge
After casting Devastation, Rover enters the Dark Surge state. In this state:
Basic Attack is replaced with Enhanced Basic Attack, which performs up to 5 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG;
Heavy Attack is replaced with Enhanced Heavy Attack;
Use Basic Attack after casting Enhanced Heavy Attack to cast Heavy Attack Thwackblade to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage;
Use Basic Attack after casting Heavy Attack Thwackblade to cast Enhanced Basic Attack 3 to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG;
Resonance Skill Wingblade is replaced with Resonance Skill Lifetaker, transforming sounds into blades to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Rover can hold up to 100 points of Umbra.
Normal Attack Tuneslayer recovers Umbra on hit.
Resonance Skill Wingblade recovers Umbra when cast.
Resonance Skill Lifetaker recovers Umbra when cast.
Intro Skill Instant of Annihilation recovers Umbra when cast.

Rover Havoc Passive Skills

Rover Havoc Inherent Skill

Rover Havoc Inherent Skill

Rover Havoc Switch Skills

Rover Havoc Intro Skill
DMG Multiplier

Intro Skill Lv:

Rover Havoc Outro Skill

Rover Havoc Stat Bonus

Rover Havoc Stat Bonus 1

Havoc DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Rover Havoc Stat Bonus 2

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Rover Havoc Damage Composition

Rover Havoc Resonance Chain

Suggested Resonance Chain

Sequence 1
Sequence 2
Sequence 4
Sequence 5
Sequence 6

Since players can eventually reach S6, the % increase of damage of all Sequeces are just listed out. Sequence 2 is HP restoration so it’s excepted.

*The % increase is relative to the previous Resonance Chain.

Rover Havoc Sequence 1

Rover Havoc Sequence 2

Rover Havoc Sequence 3

Rover Havoc Sequence 4

Rover Havoc Sequence 5

Rover Havoc Sequence 6

Rover Havoc Build

Rover Havoc Best Havoc Echo set

Sun-sinking Eclipse X 5

Main Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 3 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Rover Havoc Alternate Echo set

Sun-sinking Eclipse X 5

Main Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Any Cost 1 Echo

Sub Echo

Rover Havoc Echo Skill Priority

The buff from Crownless only provides an approximate 6% increase, while the skills of Dreamless can be cast hands-free, accounting for about 15% (not considering the damage increase after Rover (Havoc) uses Liberation). Unless you fully utilize all of Crownless’s skills, Dreamless has a higher priority. Additionally, Dreamless’s skill form is superior to Crownless, so it is still recommended to use Dreamless for world exploration.

Rover Havoc Echo Stats Priority

Cost 4

22% CRIT Rate Or 44% CRIT DMG

Cost 3

30% Havoc DMG

Cost 1

18% ATK

Sub Stats

CRIT Rate/CRIT Dmg > ATK% ≈ ATK ≈ Basic Attack DMG % > Resonance Liberation DMG % ≈ Resonance Skill DMG %

Rover Havoc Best Weapons Damage Comparison

The percentage change in damage output is compared to the weapon designated as 100%.



Base ATK : 587

Secondary Stat – Crit Rate : 24.3%

Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%/16%/19.2%/22.4%/25.6%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 6%/7.5%/9%/10.5%/12%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.



Base ATK : 412

Secondary Stat – ATK% : 30.3%

When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 15%/18.75%/22.5%/26.25%/30%, lasting for 15s.



Base ATK : 387

Secondary Stat – ATK : 36.4%

When Resonance Skill is released, increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 20%/31%/42%/53%/64%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.



Base ATK : 412

Secondary Stat – ATK : 30.3%

Equipped Resonator gains 6 stack(s) of Oath upon entering the battlefield. Each stack increases ATK by 2%/2.5%/3%/3.5%/4%, up to 6 stacks. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) every 12s. Oath reduces by 1 stack(s) every 2s. Equipped Resonator gains an additional 6 stack(s) of Oath upon defeating an enemy.

Rover Havoc Team Comp

Rover Havoc Best Team

Sub DPS – Sanhua/Danjin/Taoqi

To activate Rover (Havoc)’s Forte Circuit, you need one set of Basic Attack (33 Umbra), Resonance Skill (40 Umbra), and one Intro Skill (30 Umbra). If you don’t use the Intro Skill, you’ll need two sets of Basic Attacks, which takes longer and yields lower benefits. Therefore, pairing with Sanhua to quickly trigger QTE is the first choice. Additionally, Sanhua provides a 38% Basic Attack DMG Deepen, which fits well with Rover (Havoc)’s damage output cycle. Since Rover (Havoc)’s Outro Skill deals AoE damage for 6 seconds, switching to Sanhua after completing Rover (Havoc)’s Forte Circuit can help maximize the Outro Skill damage against enemies that can be frozen. In such cases, Lampylumen Myriad can assist Rover (Havoc) in fully utilizing the Outro Skill damage.

Danjin’s ability to gain Concerto Energy is also quite impressive. Four sets of “3 Basic + 3 Resonance Skill” can fully charge Concerto Energy in 12 seconds. Switching back to Rover (Havoc) just as Resonance Skill comes off cooldown fits perfectly. After Rover (Havoc) completes a set of core skills, Danjin uses Intro Skill and two Resonance Skills, then activates Forte Circuit with full energy. A set of “3 Basic + 3 Resonance Skill” will fully charge Concerto Energy. Additionally, because Rover (Havoc)’s damage distribution is fairly balanced, Danjin’s 23% Havoc DMG Deepen offers a greater boost to Rover (Havoc) compared to Sanhua. However, Danjin has a drawback: she is prone to dying quickly. When hastily trying to generate Concerto Energy, even a slight hit can be fatal.

In contrast to Danjin, Taoqi takes a different approach. Taoqi provides Resonance Skill DMG Deepen, which does not boost Rover (Havoc)’s damage as much as Danjin, and is even less effective than Sanhua. Additionally, Taoqi has the slowest Concerto Energy gain among the three. However, Taoqi can help ensure Rover (Havoc)’s survival during the “Dark Surge”. This is important because executing a full combo of “Heavy Attack + Umbra: Thwackblade + Enhanced Basic Attack 3, 4 & 5” takes a lengthy time, and focusing too much on damage can easily lead to taking hits.

Healer – Verina/Baizhi

Verina’s healing abilities and Concerto Energy acquisition abilities are both greater than Baizhi’s, making her the preferred healer character. Verina’s Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect. Baizhi also has a similar effect that is even better, but it requires unlocking at Sequence 5.

Verina’s healing amount is based on her ATK, so Verina has a certain degree of damage output. If you build it well, her damage should not be underestimated.

Verina’s Inherent Skill can provide a 20% attack buff to the entire team, while Baizhi can only provide a 15% attack buff to a single character.

Rover Havoc Ascension Material

Rank 1
Req Lv 20


Rank 2
Req Lv 40


Rank 3
Req Lv 50


Rank 4
Req Lv 60


Rank 5
Req Lv 70


Rank 6
Req Lv 80


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Calcharo primarily uses the enhanced Basic Attack and enhanced Forte Circuit after using Resonance Liberation for damage output. In the series of damage output after using Resonance Liberation, the damage ratio between Resonance Liberation and Basic Attack is approximately 2.2:1. Additionally, the Resonance Skill can be released at intervals, allowing full enjoyment of the permanent five-star weapon’s effects.

After using Resonance Liberation, Calcharo gains a new Basic Attack model. The multiplier for this attack is related to the level of Resonance Liberation, but the main proportion of his damage comes from the “Death Messenger” in Forte Circuit. Resonance Skill can be used during the Liberation period to interrupt Basic Attack combos, quickly generate Forte Circuit Energy, and trigger “Death Messenger”. The main components of his damage output consist of these three elements.


mong the permanent 5-star Fusion DPS characters, Encore enters an enhanced state and changes attack mode after activating Resonance Liberation. The main source of Encore’s damage comes from Basic Attacks after activating Resonance Liberation, not the Forte Circuit. Additionally, the cooldowns for Encore’s regular Resonance Skill and the enhanced Resonance Skill during Resonance Liberation are independent of each other.

In Encore’s damage output after activating Resonance Liberation, Basic Attack damage accounts for nearly 70%. Choosing Sanhua as a teammate can maximize her damage potential.


Although Sanhua has burst capabilities, the overall damage is not high. In Sanhua’s output cycle, Resonance Skill damage and Resonance Liberation account for approximately 51% and 41%, respectively.

Although Resonance Skill damage is slightly higher, there is a risk of missing in actual combat. Sanhua has a unique Forte Circuit trigger mechanism similar to rhythm games, and hitting enemies can cause a slight time-stopping effect.

Sanhua has the fastest Concerto Energy and Resonance Energy acquisition efficiency in the game, making it the most versatile and best-feeling support in the current version. After using the Intro Skill, Sanhua only needs 3 seconds to fully charge Concerto Energy and trigger QTE, activating the Main DPS for output. Our team composition recommendations for various characters also show Sanhua’s high versatility.

Choose the appropriate Cost 3 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Sun-sinking Eclipse
[2-set]: Havoc DMG is increased by 10%.
[5-set] : When releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG is increased by 7.5%, stacking up to four times for 15 seconds.

Choose the appropriate Cost 1 Echo based on the needs of your character.

Sun-sinking Eclipse
[2-set]: Havoc DMG is increased by 10%.
[5-set] : When releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG is increased by 7.5%, stacking up to four times for 15 seconds.